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"Lift me up!" (Spirit kid or Royal Sibs! Au, you pick <3)


"You’re far too old, and heavy for me to pick up. It would be improper at such a function as this for the lady not to stand on her own." Thain instructed his sister, watching for her reaction. He loved teasing her like this— seeing the faces she made. She was so spoiled, he enjoyed his privilege as one of the few who could tell her no.

He never waiting too long however, before indulging her. (In all honesty, he was probably one of the ones that spoiled her most. He lifted her up into his arms, a grin playing upon his face. “You’re lucky I’m a very improper person.”

The seven year old had long since perfected the act of making her requests sound like demands; and after all, why not— it wasn’t like many told her ‘no’. However, Isabelle’s smile had fallen at Thain’s rejection, brows furrowing as her now flushed cheeks puffed in disdain. She would of even stamped her foot to emphasize her annoyance, had the not been surrounded by such high class guests. (As spoiled as she was, she didn’t want other people outside of the castle to know that. She had a reputation to maintain.)

The figurative dark cloud had fallen from her face as, after a beat, her brother had lifted her into his arms as she had asked, her pout fading to give way to her contagious smile once more, arms circling around his neck gratefully. She rested her head on his shoulder almost tiredly, not caring if her dress was ruffled due to her current position.

"— This is so boring.” She complained a moment later, the whiny pout evident in her tone.

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“Oh, please. I’m an open book. You people just don’t pay attention.”

"Well… if most people don’t seem to understand you, then… maybe their not the problem??” Oh no, that sounded meaner than she had hoped.


"  You know you’ve come a long way, { little wolf }

                            — - I knew you were tough,
                                        I knew you were cunning.                                        

                                                                         But I n-e-v-e-r knew you were a queen. “


Best One tree hill scenes: Peyton Sawyer and Brooke Davis [18/?] 

"Honey, I am your best friend. I love you. That is why you have me. And it kills me that I wasn’t able to be there for you."

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"I hate seeing you unhappy, so now I'm going to do everything I can to make you happy. ESPECIALLY if it means making a fool of myself."

Some Cute Sentence Starters

That elicited a more noticeable tug at her lips; Isabelle glancing back down towards the large tub of ice cream that she was currently trying to work through. (Comfort food and all that.) She nodded slowly, tongue dashing over her lips as she stabbed the spoon into the container, leaning on the counter.

"— I know you would." She started, a short laugh escaping her before she looked back up towards him. "I… I don’t know what’s wrong with me, to be completely honest. Just… one of the down days, y’know…?

"But… I don’t want to be alone either." She was still new to admitting to when it would be best to have company, and the words felt awkward leaving her lips. "So—"

She reaches for a clean spoon, offering it towards Kaos.

"— Join me?"

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SR-71 Sentence Meme


  • "So what if the sex was great? ‘Just a temporary escape."
  • "Why do you always kick me when I’m high?"
  • "Figured her out; I know she may not be Ms. Right, but she’ll do right now."
  • "But now that’s over."
  • "You know I used to be such a nice boy/girl."
  • "And now I’m never out of bed before noon."
  • "I can be as humble as the next guy; or I can blink and make you crumble from the inside."
  • "I can be every nasty thing you ever dreamt a man/woman could be."
  • "I’m the type you hated; but I’m what you’ve always wanted."
  • "Every night you go home alone and dream about being underneath me."
  • "I’m not afraid of tomorrow; I’m only scared of myself."
  • Is it any wonder why I’m scared?”
  • "You never dreamed you’d have to live your life so guarded."
  • "Seems like my insides are all on fire and I’m looking through the eyes of someone else."
  • "Everybody loves to be in on the pressure, but I know their all waiting for the crash."
  • "When I look at you, I see him staring through me."
  • "Is he all the things you try to change me into?"
  • "Is he everything to you?"
  • "Does he make you cry? Does he know the way you feel?"
  • "In my world; there is only you."
  • "I can still see your face when your sleeping next to him."
  • "You don’t like being second; I don’t like being lost."
  • "I’m the burning in your throat when you swallow."
  • "I don’t wanna stay, so I’m running away."
  • "Your jealousy and hate consumes us all."
  • "I won’t forget the way you made me feel."
  • "I won’t regret running away from here."
  • "From the minute that I saw you, you were different from the rest."
  • "I got something you can swallow; and it sure as hell is not my pride."
  • "I’m gonna make you wish you were dead."
  • "Everyday I’m gonna make you cry; until the day that we say goodbye."
  • "There’s gotta be someway that I can get it through your head."
  • "The leash gets tighter everyday."
  • "I know it’s just a waste of time; soon I’m gonna run out of lies. They’ll just have to hear the truth instead."
  • "If you wanted to could you not want anyone else’s world?"
  • "Do you understand now?"
  • "I’m not afraid of after-life hell cause I live it everyday."
  • "I always thought I’d rather be considered lucky than good."
  • "I know it’s not considered right the way I live my days and nights."
  • "I know we don’t think alike; you’re always wrong, I’m always right."
  • "Acting not so secretly; you wanna be just like me."
  • "Every night I’m gonna bring you back to life."
  • "Everything’s gonna be alright… if I could just fall asleep tonight."